Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Wendy chez la de da


Ok I am seriously getting a complex now. Once again I wrote you a long message and when I pressed the post comment button it deleted my hilarious and very well written, articulate message..lol! I can only surmise that You have programmed it to delete me..boo hoo!
Moo ha ha... well I won't be beaten, do you hear me? I Will come back stronger and more resilient! (well as long as it doesn't delete me again that is)lol
Anyhoo, my friend, fandabidosy post. I adore your pumpkins (ooer that sounds a bit rude). (sorry I am English, inuendo everywhere, I shall try to keep it under wraps, Ahh who am I kidding? of course I won't)
So again, I love your pumpkins, they are gorgeous. You are a very clever girl. I guess I will have to stop spreading all the rumours to the contrary now, wink wink!!lol
So enough nonsense, I'm off now to drop the teens at school. I promise I will try to get the post on here soon.
Jo x 

ps Sorry my love I have given up trying to write on your post. I just can't get it to accept me. boo hoo! 

1 comment:

  1. Wooo Hoooo!!
    I got a whole post all by my self? That's what I call classy man!
    Went to my blog and had 12, count it 12 posts from you friend lol....figured I could trash all the duplicates lol. You must have been having a "fit"
    Yep, you are right, out of the WHOLE WIDE WORLD I picked little old Jo in New Zealand to pick on!!! Have Blogger erase all her entries the minute she types them!!! Bahahaha ;) I have plotted this for months as my Halloween pratical joke ~giggle~ I only wish I had this much power!!
    Sorry sweet lady, don't know what happened. No lame excuses though....busy with teenager BLAH!! Sounds made up! Get some dishes out and GET BUSY!!! My pumpkins and me are demanding a great table "hop to it!"

    Hugs Daaaarling!