Saturday, May 22, 2010

Well I suppose the time has come to get the old typing fingers out and start to push bottons. It has been a while but I am a very busy, not to mention, in demand kind of a chick! So ego aside I really must start to get back to my project. I have a whole array of table settings just ready to be assembled and then photographed.

If I could manage to get off my new best friend FACEBOOK then it would be so much easier. I am suprised at how easy it has become to get addicted to a net working site. I really should try to be strong and resist the urge to just go and check, what all my homeys are waffling on about today.

Two days ago some numpty managed to dig out our phone line and therefore I had no phone or internet!!! can you imagine? NO internet? I know shocking to most of you, but, complete breakdown to me! Do you know I had to clean my house!!!! I know!!!! It is the cleanest it has been for ages, I even managed to get rid of the smell from two over indulgent, with the deodorant, teenagers. quite an achievement I think you will agree. At least it is better than the smell of sweaty teenagers. So something to be grateful for I suppose.

I decide to start to file all our receipts from the last year. So I painstakingly started to place all the little bits of faded paper in monthly piles, ready to archive into excel. I know I am a goddess!! But then if you have already read some of my other postings on here or as some may put it ramblings, then you will know that I already have a very high opinion of myself, so no surprises there.

So that aside, I am determined to get some new table settings on here very soon so keep your eyes open and you too can be bored by something that interests me and has very little impact on your life. But it will earn you heaps of brownie points from me and I will definately remember you in my will. It's not that I am desperate or any thing..... actually I am but dont let any one know that.