Thursday, May 26, 2011

Black, white and the clearest of crystal

I am not going to waffle on about this table today as it is very evident what I have laid on for this evenings company. I am very close to finishing my Arcopol Coquillage, black glass dinner set. I just need one more dinner plate and then I am done.

 On this table I have used four of the plates on top of silver chargers. Then my white with silver rim side plates. For the two end positions I used the Coquillage serving platters as chargers and then white dinner plates and the Coquillage side plates on the top. It brought all the place settings together and nobody noticed the difference untill I told them. Can you see the difference? I must admit I actually liked playing around a bit with the settings. I am definitely a bit odd. I always seem to like uneven or different settings.

White cotton napkins (again all slightly different, I collected them over a period of time) were placed at an angle and adorned with some rather whimsical napkin rings which I made from dull and very plain, plastic rings and hair accessories. See if you can spot the two different kinds that I used......Did you notice that 3 of them had one rose and the other 3 had two roses. I know they are a bit over the top but they add a bit of fun to a very monochromatic table.

I'm not going to describe everything in detail, as I said earlier, I am sure you can see for yourself what I added, but I will just draw your attention to the gorgeous pearl handles knives. They are EXTREMLY difficult to get hold of here in NZ, but.... da da...I got a set of six from my favourite antique shop.

Oops looks like the candles had one too many in this picture.
Now, why not stay a bit longer to see how it all came together by candle light?
Take a look at the candles in the background. More about them in another blog!

 I hope that you enjoy the table which was laid for very dear friends, please come and join us!

By the way if any of you lovely folk have any Coquillage (in this pattern) and want to sell it please let me know.

I will joining Susan for tablescape thursday at