Saturday, May 4, 2013

Millies Brocante Online vintage shop almost here.

Well it has been far too long since I last posted, but I have been very busy recently trying to set up a new company. I decided that all my thrift shopping and collecting needed to go to better use, rather than just taking up every bit of space in my house. So, I am currently in the process of getting my company Millies Brocante up and running.  you can find it here  It is not quite ready yet, but is so close. As I mentioned in a previous post, many moons ago, I was getting into Retro, well my infatuation is still alive and kicking, along with romantic shabby chic....(but then again who isn't into that these days?) I have decided to try and make a few dollars from doing the thing I love.
Here are just a few of the first things I have been working on.

This lot are still being worked on    
    I know this post looks a bit amaturish at the moment, but I am just try to get everything sorted.
 Jo ( Millies Brocante)

Monday, December 19, 2011

Far too long

OMG...It has been so long since I blogged. I am working now and struggle to find the time to get on here. I will have to try and rectify that in the new year.

I would however like to wish all my followers a very very happy Christmas!!

Fondest wishes

Jo xx 

Thursday, October 6, 2011

D is for Diamonds & Dragons

Hello everyone..."Where have you been I hear you ask?"....(NO? OK humour me) well I have been nagged senseless by my horrible teenage daughter, who considers me a computer addict. So I decide to take a break from blogging for a while. "Huh!! I'll show her", I thought to myself. But little did she know that it is not the computer that I have issues with, it is of course thrifting. Ha ha I fooled her. I can sneak off while she is at school and thrift to my hearts content. (yes I know I'm devious, but I'm scared of her, she is very bossy). I have managed to buy all sorts of goodies while she is cramming away and I sneak them in when she's not here, ha ha . "A cunning plan" I hear you say.. and you would be right!.... SO....Without further ado, lets get on with it!

I have decided to set myself a challenge. I am going to go through the alphabet and create a tablescape which is linked in someway to the letters of the alphabet. Not for any fancy reason, but simply because I have been struggling to come up with new ideas each week. I thought this would help to narrow down my choices and give me some boundaries to work from.
Diamonds and Dragons
My son has been collecting these adorable dragons for a while now and I thought it would be great to use them in a tablescape. So after much deliberating and hm'ing and ah ha's I thought, " I know!! Why not diamonds and dragons? Every one knows that dragons love jewels and all manner of bling and what do you know? So do I!! If it sparkles I love it. So I hauled myself through all the dusty, cobweb cupboards that I could find and dug out the glass dinner set, the silver chargers and anything that shined. Look at all the adorable little dragons sitting comfortably in there own little nests and stash of bling. Notice the shinny grey napkins wrapping cosily around the desert bowls. They are in the lily pad fold (my new favourite). Don't you think it makes the little dragons seem like they are encased in a flower?

Which is your favourite?

What do you think of my new, purchases, the teeny cut glass dishes. Perfect for butter on the side plates.   


Now I did manage to get quite a few of these over a period of time, in different shapes. I really do love an eclectic feel to the table. I got round ones too but I have used them for the larger candles. you can see them in the evening pictures.
The Mama dragon is a ready for her evening flight. She is going to be checking her babes en route. Don't you think she has a pretty nest?    

So much sparkle on this table! I was lucky enough to find a whole box full of these little silver plated salt and pepper pots. Ten (yes ten) whole pairs! I have used an individual set for each place setting. 

I just couldn't resist putting this little baby with this pair! Look how she guards her diamond!

And now by candlelight, my favourite way to view table!

Well hope it was worth waiting for. I promise to try and get my next table on here soon!

So there it is
D is for Diamonds & Dragons

I will be joining the following parties


No Minimalist Here


Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Wendy chez la de da


Ok I am seriously getting a complex now. Once again I wrote you a long message and when I pressed the post comment button it deleted my hilarious and very well written, articulate! I can only surmise that You have programmed it to delete hoo!
Moo ha ha... well I won't be beaten, do you hear me? I Will come back stronger and more resilient! (well as long as it doesn't delete me again that is)lol
Anyhoo, my friend, fandabidosy post. I adore your pumpkins (ooer that sounds a bit rude). (sorry I am English, inuendo everywhere, I shall try to keep it under wraps, Ahh who am I kidding? of course I won't)
So again, I love your pumpkins, they are gorgeous. You are a very clever girl. I guess I will have to stop spreading all the rumours to the contrary now, wink wink!!lol
So enough nonsense, I'm off now to drop the teens at school. I promise I will try to get the post on here soon.
Jo x 

ps Sorry my love I have given up trying to write on your post. I just can't get it to accept me. boo hoo! 

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

So so busy

Well hi there my fellow bloggers and friends. I am so sorry for not having blogged for such a long time. Sometimes life just takes over. We have had guests from overseas, my kids have been off school having study leave for their mocks and my darling hubby is currently at home and we just can't help ourselves but mooch around all day in the amazing cafe culture that NZ has to offer. I can tell you the appeal of a chai latte runs deep in this house. With summer just around the corner and spring bringing more time to sit out on the deck, It also brings more work in the garden. A very wet winter means lots of water blasting, planting spring flowers and a whole load of other jobs which need to be attended to at this time of year. Oh who am I kidding? I hate gardening. I love a beautiful garden but not the work that it takes to achieve it. However, even I have to do some work at this time of year.

I realise that for you girls in the states, you are at completly the other end of the year and fall is just around the corner. Thats so weird isn't it?

Anyway, I promise I will be back on course to restart my Tabletty Alphabetty real soon. For those of you who have been encouraging me to get going (wendy) I will be blogging soon I promise. I have the pics, but just haven't had the time to get them on here. "D" is already done so keep watching. (by the way wendy, I wrote you a really long response to your kids challenge request, but the stupid blog master wouldnt let me post it on your wall, so rude does it not know who I am?)lol

I will also be sharing all the lovely little things that the thrift stores have been throwing my way (see how even when I'm really busy, I still manage to go thrifting, I really do have a problem). Not to mention the beautiful dresser now taking center stage in my hallway. You can see the poor thing here.

So all in all loads to come.

see ya soon

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

An Angel from Blogland

Today I managed to change the image of my blog by using new background and header template. I'm so proud! Up untill very recently, it would have been fair to say that I am a total and complete idiot when it comes to anything technical. Look at me now, I'm changing my own Blog....WooHoo.....I am feeling sooooooo smug right now!!! "I'm so cle'ever....ohn so cle' la de da!! (that was me singing out loud...did you hear me?" 

Ok so it's fair to say that I had more than a little help from my Blog Goddess....Itkuppilli. If you want to jazz up your blog a bit then click Here or you can find her blog on my side bar.

Thank you so much my little Finnish Yankeedoodle. I will love you forever.

From an official technophobe computor dunce.   

Please click my follow button if this helps you in any way

Sunday, July 31, 2011

I'm A Hufflepuff!

My daughter guessed correctly. She knows me so well! I was once told by a lawyer friend that I am so honest and transparent, that I'm see through! Is that a good thing? I'm not sure!

Let me know what you are, go on it's just a bit of fun!