Thursday, October 6, 2011

D is for Diamonds & Dragons

Hello everyone..."Where have you been I hear you ask?"....(NO? OK humour me) well I have been nagged senseless by my horrible teenage daughter, who considers me a computer addict. So I decide to take a break from blogging for a while. "Huh!! I'll show her", I thought to myself. But little did she know that it is not the computer that I have issues with, it is of course thrifting. Ha ha I fooled her. I can sneak off while she is at school and thrift to my hearts content. (yes I know I'm devious, but I'm scared of her, she is very bossy). I have managed to buy all sorts of goodies while she is cramming away and I sneak them in when she's not here, ha ha . "A cunning plan" I hear you say.. and you would be right!.... SO....Without further ado, lets get on with it!

I have decided to set myself a challenge. I am going to go through the alphabet and create a tablescape which is linked in someway to the letters of the alphabet. Not for any fancy reason, but simply because I have been struggling to come up with new ideas each week. I thought this would help to narrow down my choices and give me some boundaries to work from.
Diamonds and Dragons
My son has been collecting these adorable dragons for a while now and I thought it would be great to use them in a tablescape. So after much deliberating and hm'ing and ah ha's I thought, " I know!! Why not diamonds and dragons? Every one knows that dragons love jewels and all manner of bling and what do you know? So do I!! If it sparkles I love it. So I hauled myself through all the dusty, cobweb cupboards that I could find and dug out the glass dinner set, the silver chargers and anything that shined. Look at all the adorable little dragons sitting comfortably in there own little nests and stash of bling. Notice the shinny grey napkins wrapping cosily around the desert bowls. They are in the lily pad fold (my new favourite). Don't you think it makes the little dragons seem like they are encased in a flower?

Which is your favourite?

What do you think of my new, purchases, the teeny cut glass dishes. Perfect for butter on the side plates.   


Now I did manage to get quite a few of these over a period of time, in different shapes. I really do love an eclectic feel to the table. I got round ones too but I have used them for the larger candles. you can see them in the evening pictures.
The Mama dragon is a ready for her evening flight. She is going to be checking her babes en route. Don't you think she has a pretty nest?    

So much sparkle on this table! I was lucky enough to find a whole box full of these little silver plated salt and pepper pots. Ten (yes ten) whole pairs! I have used an individual set for each place setting. 

I just couldn't resist putting this little baby with this pair! Look how she guards her diamond!

And now by candlelight, my favourite way to view table!

Well hope it was worth waiting for. I promise to try and get my next table on here soon!

So there it is
D is for Diamonds & Dragons

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  1. A magical encampment for those lovely dragons.. What a great way to bring a theme to the table. All the pretty crystal is magical. Especially in candlelight! xo marlis

  2. Hi, Jo! Welcome back to the wonderful world of blogging. Now that school is back in full swing, you shouldn't have much trouble with your teenage daughter. She will be shoulder-deep in her studies, and you can happily work away at your computer...and thrifting! Looks to me like you picked up a lot of fanatastic bargains for this table. Great idea to work your way through the alphabet for ideas! Whatever it takes!!! I hope you have a good weekend, and I hope to see you back here next week with something great with the letter E!

  3. Cute idea...Diamonds and Dragons. I can even imagine the dragons' eyes sparkling in the candlelight! I really like your centerpiece...

  4. Yes worth waiting for!! The baby dragon? my favorite! I did not know that dragons liked diamonds, good thing you warned me...I will be fearful in my jouney.
    I have missed your posts SOOO much. I am glad you are still collecting whil your brat ummm I mean daughter is in school lol!
    I LOVE silver, glass and elegant and the dragons...well they kinda scare me Jo!!

    ~~Wendy big hugs

  5. Gourgeous! Dimonds and dragons wow, such nice idea, you've made a great come back, I love this table all glittering like that, it all looks like one big jewel! I guess we'll have you back sweet lady now that your teen daughter is back in school, I've missed you and thank you for coming by. Lots of hugs, FABBY