Tuesday, August 2, 2011

An Angel from Blogland

Today I managed to change the image of my blog by using new background and header template. I'm so proud! Up untill very recently, it would have been fair to say that I am a total and complete idiot when it comes to anything technical. Look at me now, I'm changing my own Blog....WooHoo.....I am feeling sooooooo smug right now!!! "I'm so cle'ever....ohn so cle'ver..la la de da!! (that was me singing out loud...did you hear me?" 

Ok so it's fair to say that I had more than a little help from my Blog Goddess....Itkuppilli. If you want to jazz up your blog a bit then click Here or you can find her blog on my side bar.

Thank you so much my little Finnish Yankeedoodle. I will love you forever.

From an official technophobe computor dunce.   

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