Friday, July 22, 2011

C is for Coral & Cream

I have decided to set myself a challenge. I am going to go through the alphabet and create a tablescape which is linked in someway to the letters of the alphabet. Not for any fancy reason, but simply because I have been struggling to come up with new ideas each week. I thought this would help to narrow down my choices and give me some boundaries to work from. Last weekend I sat with my daughter and we made a list of all the colours that we could think of that began with the letter "A", then "B" and "C" etc. That gave some colour choices. Then we went back over the list and did the same with subjects. For example The letter "A" gave us Autumn and Asian. So you see how it works. We came up with so many things that I must confess that I probably have enough subject matter for about three years. HURRAY!!! Bless my daughters heart she was trying to watch the TV and I just kept nagging her to help me.......I mean she is a teenager and anything to do with me is totally not cool at the moment (unless she wants something lol). I'm all for exploiting them when it suits me too! wink wink. Anyway she helped this poor old, uncool Mum more than she knows. Thank you my sweet. So away we go into

is for
 Coral and Cream 

 So after languishing on the sofa for the first half of the week, due to my terminal cold...( oh wait I'm not a man lol), I was not able to get this weeks post published. Well I say that, but actually I did finally get one post up, which you can see here Here. I had to get up and sheer excitement got me through it! However, my amazing brain wave of  "Alphabety postie" (I didn't really call it that, I just made that up) was thwarted by my Hubby pinching the camera to photograph the finalisation of his current work project. The new Hanger at Auckland Airport, built for the new super sized jets. I must say it's quite impressive, he is a very clever bloke. Note to self "I must keep him a bit longer!" Anyway, I digress, (no change there then) So I was unable to download the pics I took last week.
It was a complete miracle I managed to get any taken anyway, as all the hall furniture was piled into the lounge so that he could lay a new floor. The dinning room table was covered in STUFF and so, it was unusable. But, not to be outdone I laid a little table in the corner. I thought Me and the old bloke could have a cosy little dinner there just the two of us, Huh! As if he wants to sit looking at my ugly mug when he has just finished working all day on his hands and knees.
Anyway, as luck would have it, the kids went out (hurray),,,, (is that sooo bad of me?) and I had just finished my day of hairdressing, doing my friends daughter's hair for their school ball, you can see the girls Here. When a sudden, but brilliant thought occurred to me, "why not ask Mandy (Mother of one of said girls) to stay and have dinner as she would be all alone." I'm her only true friend, as she is a solo Mum and no-one likes her! Sad, but there it is! Actually, I'm joking of course! She is one of my dearest friends and I adore her heaps, as do many others! So anyway.....OK...Digression again.....I'm getting there. So Mandy agreed to stay and have dinner with hubby and myself so I laid an extra place. I didn't get pics but I did take some of the two place setting. So without further ado.....Here are my little pics from C is for Coral and cream.
 OK so shoot me!!! I didn't get time for the ironing!!

 Now I had just bought the funny shaped cloche. It has a sort of chimney thing, weird HUH? Well anyway I wanted to use it as candle holder, but it kept going out, so in the end I placed a little grouping of flowers in it. You can see it further down. 
The crystal wine glasses are beautiful and very heavy. They are crystal and sparkle like glitter in the candlelight. I only managed to get three and don't know the name of the pattern. If anyone knows it please let me know, then I can try and get some more. I love them.  The water glasses were an early purchase at a thrift store, before I started blogging.
 This cute little condiment set I bought to go with my mismatched eclectic set. You can see it Here. I don't know who it's by as it's unmarked. I use my little ENGLISH spoon with it!! Well I would, wouldn't I?
 These little votive dishes are not votive dishes at all. They are from a collection of little depression glass plates or dishes or whatever you would like to call them. After collecting glass plates to be used as chargers, which you can see Here. I thought it would be a great idea to collect these little ones to place on Side plates for individual portions of butter. I have managed to buy a few and will post about them soon.
 The cutlery is silver plate from Slack and Barlow, Sheffield England. I'm not sure of the name of it yet need to do a touch more research. Either way what ever they are called they were a great thrift shop buy.
I used the Royal Doulton, Orchids, soup bowl and dinner plate.  
 The lunch plate is made by Hollingshead & Kirkham, Tunstall, England, C1933. I have two with slightly differing patterns in the centre.

I use this runner as I love the shimmery effect it gives in both day and evening light. I just allowed it to drape over the edges and scrunched it up in the middle.          
 I bought these chairs at a thrift store too. I was going to re-upholster but changed my mind. It's a girls prerogative you know! 
 A gorgeous colour don't you think? 
Ok, so don't comment on the blob on the wall, we've just taken a stereo off the wall! 
I used the decanter to serve the water and what's a nice meal with out choccies!
 And so in candlelight......
 Oops what idiot moved the fork and didn't put it back? OH...... that would be me!!! 

 So once again dear friends, another table from the alphabet.

C is for Coral and Cream


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  1. Oooh! I especially like it by candlelight! So romantic! :)
    Thanks for stopping by BPPackages today and I'm glad I could provide a laugh!! ;)

  2. Everything looks so pretty! Love the candlelight! :) Nice job.

  3. Lovely golden warm color tones. I had not seen your Royal Douton "Orchids." Thank you for sharing y our charming design. Cherry Kay

  4. Such a beautiful tablescape. It is stunning. Thanks for joining TTT. Hugs, Marty

  5. All so pretty, especially by candlelight; but what really makes it for me are the place settings.

  6. 1. The coral color/table you set is fabulous

    2. I love you ABC idea! Can't wait to see the whole alphabet in tablescapes!

    3. I rarely iron

    4. No, it's not horrible to want the kids to go out to play sometimes!!! I do that, too!!!

    Lana In Italy

    PS I hope, please, that you get a chance to drop by my blog & leave a comment for a chance to win my 1st Giveaway! THANK YOU!!!

  7. "C" is a great letter for your pretty table! Love your soft colors, dishes and glassware.
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia ;)

  8. Hi, Jo! This is my first visit to your blog. Good to "meet" you! You are really funny! I love coral and cream!!! So pretty together and make such a lovely, feminine statement. I look forward to visiting your blog again. Have a wonderful weekend!

  9. Charming table, beautiful setting.

    Thank you for sharing.

    Lots of Love,
    Karin Şen Cankan

  10. Reminds me of a creamcycle...remember them? Oooooh orange sherbert with a creamy center on a stick, summer never tasted sooooo good!
    I have always adored this color, makes a beautiful table Jo !!!!

    Okay ready for "d"

  11. Just lovely and so summer-y! Thanks so much for sharing it at Inspiration Friday!

  12. Lovely table setting and looks so romantic with the candlelight. Thanks for adding your link and sharing at Beach Cottage Good Life Wednesdays.

  13. hi Jo, I am your newest follower. I love the story of how you came to blog. The detail to your tablescape is charming and I love your tablecloth, and your china, and layers soooo pretty with the color. Thanks for your visit and hope you will visit me often.

    The French Hutch

  14. So elegant and romantic. The tablecloth is really beautiful!


  15. Stunning table my sweet friend, my goodness, it's fabulous!! I love the china, the layers are just perfect and all the beautiful elements you've used for this amazingly, elegant creation. Beautiful photography, in day and night, by candlelight. Thank you for coming Jo, you're so generous and lovely...I love your visits! Lots of hugs. FABBY

  16. Love this table.. it's so pretty. The china is gorgeous I love the orchids!! Your accessories are so perfect with the table. And I love the runner.. what a great backdrop. xo marlis