Tuesday, July 12, 2011

B is for Blue & white

I have decided to set myself a challenge.

 I am going to go through the alphabet and create a tablescape which is linked in some way to the letters of the alphabet. Not for any fancy reason, but simply because I have been struggling to come up with new ideas each week. I thought this would help to narrow down my choices and give me some boundaries to work from.
Last weekend I sat with my daughter and we made a list of all the colours that we could think of that began with the letter "A", then "B" and "C" etc. That gave some colour choices. Then we went back over the list and did the same with subjects. For example The letter "A" gave us Autumn and Asian. So you see how it works. We came up with so many things that I must confess that I probably have enough subject matter for about three years. HURRAY!!! Bless my daughters heart she was trying to watch the TV and I just kept nagging her to help me.......I mean she is a teenager and anything to do with me is totally not cool at the moment (unless she wants something lol). I'm all for exploiting them when it suits me too! wink wink. Anyway she helped this poor old, uncool Mum more than she knows. Thank you my sweet. So away we go into
B is for Blue & White

You know how sometimes you want to throw caution to the wind, have colours that shout at you and say look at me and yet other times you wish to be all girlie and pretty? Well today I was definitely in the mood for something very pretty but not necessarily too girlie. I had managed to get some new salad plates in blue and white, which I knew would just go really well with my blue and white dinner service. So above you can see my selection for week two of my challenge, Blue and white!

This particular diner set I bought ages a go and has been used very recently as my everyday set. But darling hubby who is a tad clumsy (sorry darling) managed to break and chip a few pieces last year while enjoying time off work to be at home. Now I'm not moaning as most of the time it was when he was unloading the dishwasher. So I am definitely happy for him to continue that little task as it is one of my pet hates. But after the loss of several plates I decided that it was time to save it from any more damage. It now has pride of place, being displayed on my new kitchen shelf (which I will show you in another post). So that said I am using it today and just making sure that all willing parties who load and unload the dishwasher do so with great care.  When I say "willing" I think when the teenagers go "Oh GODDA!! Why do I have to do it? You always ask me..... Why can't he (she) do it!!...You love them more than you love me and so on........" I personally believe it is their own little way of doing such lovely things for me, with a song in their hearts and is probably code for
"Of course I will do it Mummy, you know I love you right?"
So On we go.....
Here you can see the dish, Not my favourite shaped dish. I definitely prefer Coup or soup shape bowls. They are far more practical.  This set just has the word "Haven" on the back, no other details apart from the usual washing instructions etc. I bought a set for ten, which was on clearance about four yeas ago. Ive only got 6 plates left now... Boo Hoo

Next my newly acquired Crown Lynn "Chelsea"
salad plates or as we call them in the UK and New Zealand "lunch plates". I just had to have them. I think they are so pretty don't you? Thank you Hospice shop Glenfield and big thank you to the gorgeous little man who followed me round on that day carrying my basket as I was loading it up so much and couldn't carry it all. Woops!! I do get carried away sometimes. (Just don't tell the darling hubby).

Here is the dinner plate!
Next my newest brainwave, my glass chargers. I have managed to buy two more this week. You can read all about them on my last post or my next one.

Underneath the chargers came the old place mats. A present from a friend and employee about 18 years a go! (Woo how times fly)
As I have said so often before, it is virtually impossible to buy decent cutlery in the Op-shops here. So I decided to go out to all the warehouse stores and see what was out there. Did you know that apart from Thrift shops there is a whole other world of stuff out there.......huh!....who'd have thought?
Well onwards and upwards......I found, on special, two boxes of Flatware. 16 pieces in each. Now I know that they are not Amazing, but they do have a very Maori symbol on them and thought they would represent New Zealand and I could take them with me, if I was ever to leave here. (This is a strong possibility as my husbands work can take him all over the place). The symbol is the "Koru". It is a fern which is still curled up tightly and it means.....
"The koru shape is a scroll shape and is linked to the New Zealand fern plant. The shoot of the fern has a curled-over tip which unfurls and becomes a fern leaf. The koru reaches towards the light, striving for perfection, encouraging new positive beginnings... The koru, represents the unfolding of new life, that everything is reborn and continues. It represents renewal and hope for the future. Spiral, geometry of life, sacred creation"
A closer view!
Here we have the napkins and rings.
I bought two packs of these napkin rings, still new for about $6nz or $4us or 3 pounds...(sorry I don't have the pound logo on my computer any more). There are six in each pack.

Next the candlesticks, I bought these a while ago to go with a particular table cloth I had seen, but didn't buy. STUPID, STUPID STUPID!!!! "See it, love it, buy it!!"  My very own mantra and I ignored it! AAARRRGGGHHHH!!!!
I went back to the Op-shop for it and GONE! What's wrong with these people didn't they know I was coming back for it! So I was left with two new candlesticks and not much to go with them....Oh no......that means I will have to go out shopping again.......SHAME!! wink wink
So here they are anyway,
The glasses are crystal.
And to the Vignette on the Sideboard. Whoops I forgot to take the runner off from another tablescape.
A wee bit closer.....
And so to the evening.....always better by candlelight!
And again.......See I have changed the placng of the flowers? I moved them into the middle rather than being in the outside of the candlesticks. Now why didn't I do that earlier before I took the pictures?
And again......

The Vignette by candlelight too....
So Week two of my challenge
is for
Blue and White

I hope you enjoyed your tour around my table!

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  1. Jo? Can you hear me clapping? Yay!! love it!!
    What I love even more is that you nag your teenager to help you too! Mine is starting to love tablescaping as much as me and love a good thrift store hunt!!


  2. Your alphabet challenge is a great idea! Your blue table is certainly beautiful and sophisticated. The lace mats are such a perfect foundation! It's all very nice for summer.

  3. I think the alphabet is a great idea.. seriously I too am running out of thoughts.. Your blue dishes are fabulous. I would save them too. My sweet husband does the dishes and we seem to loose more and more.. so if I want to keep it, i wash it.. I love your flowers and candle sticks too. Your placemats are very pretty. Many blessings, marlis

  4. Hello!!!! It is so nice to meet you, and all the way to New Zealand!!! How exciting and wonderful is blogland!!! I will follow you of course! I adore your blue and white table! In fact, I am planning my next table to be.....blue and white!!!!!! I have collected blue and white porcelains for 27 years now, and I also have some other pieces to use for a tablescape! I love your napkin rings, I don't have any B and W ones. Your lacy placemats are beautiful too! The dishes are wonderful. Thanks so much for stopping by and I will look forward to seeing more of you and visiting you too. XO, Pinky

  5. Your table is lovely! I love blue and white china too!

  6. Hi lovely lady.
    I love everything about your beautiful Tablescape sweet lady, you always know how to put it altogther for your dinner partys~~~~ Your dishes look gorgeous on the Vintage placemat's !! I just purchased nine placemat's on Ebay like yours. Thanks so much for putting me on your sidebar !!! I hope you have a Great Week with your lovely family. did you see my new table.
    XXOO Diane

  7. GREAT post. I love the part about the children - with 3 and a half teens in the house I totally get it.

    I'm curious - do you save your chipped and broken plates? You could have a mosaic artist create you a memory piece (every decade or so.) Then you could go on using the plates you love. I think using the beautiful plates is important. The reason there are so many vintage sets around is because the dishes were stored and not used, and then not loved and appreciated.


  8. Your table is really lovely! The dark blue tablecloth is the perfect backdrop to show off your pretty dishes -- love the new luncheon plates! The yellow flowers add a nice pop against the blue. Good luck with your alphabet inspiration!

  9. B is for Brilliant! Very lovely tablescape. Blue and white are some of my favorites so I really love your china. Your new "lunch" plates are so pretty. I like the fold you have done in your napkins. Very nice. Looking forward to see the "C" setting. :)

  10. This is B for Beautiful! Love your pretty blue and white (I don't have much either) Love those battenburg placemats.

  11. Hi Jo,
    Wow your blue and whites are amazing. The table settings are just gorgeous. I love, love, love the glass chargers...what a fab idea.The place mats from your friend are wonderful. We are huge fans of blue and whites as well. Come by and visit http://ivyandelephants.blogspot.com/2011/07/lady-sings-blues.html

    Paula, your newest fan

  12. What an absolutely gorgeous table you have set!!Your dishes are just beautiful and love all the attention to details!! Stopping by from Show and Tell Friday~ stop by and share at my weekend decorating party sometime! :)

  13. B is for Blue! Love the blue. Thanks for following me and now I'm a follower of you too:)

  14. LOVE, thanks for sharing:) also
    Designer Blogs is doing a giveaway for a free button, if your interested come check it out!


  15. Jo, I love blue and white and you them together in a lovely way. I agree with your mantra. There are just some things you see that know immediately, you will regret forever not buying them. I always buy when I get that feeling, which is W-A-Y to often :)