Friday, July 22, 2011

The Girls hair for Yr 13 school ball

A quick look at the beautiful girls who had their hair and make-up done by me for the school graduation ball last weekend.

Heather and Hayley you looked amazing! Even if I do say so myself!!! Heather ( the one in white) is the daughter of one of my very best friends (Mandy) and she has had the most hideous time over the last two years, including the breakup of her parents marriage and then suffering from renal failure. She is going to be put on the kidney transfer list. She is amazing and an absolute inspiration to me.. Heather I bloody love you!! The other gorgeous girl is Hayley, one of many of her closest friends who have stuck by her through her ordeal. 

So the week before...the practice run!

Hayley wanted a side chignon, messed up a bit!

 Heather wanted an "up and down" do, with some detail in curls!
The affectionate greeting from my daughter (on the left).
So, on the day, the hair and make-up but dresses and jewels to come!

 Is she not truly beautiful??

...And the dresses....

It was my pleasure ladies, to help make your evening one to remember. xx       

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  1. They are "drop dead gorgeous" girls!!!
    You did an amazing job on their make!! I hope they had the best time of their lives SO FAR!