Tuesday, October 19, 2010

More retro fever

MORE RETRO FEVER, I have been out indulging my love of all things retro at the moment. I hope to keep all this stuff as it is very collectible and is increasing in value, both here and the UK. Oh Goody!! This is a few pieces of a 1950's set called "SAVANNAH," by Jessie Tait, for the modern range by Midwinter. I am trying to get Loads more of this before it goes sky high, but sadly I may have missed the boat judging by the prices on ebay!! If anyone should see any of this please, please get it for me. I will gladly pay all the postage costs to NZ!

I really love this look so much. My mate has the whole dinner service of a similar set called "HOMEMAKER". I WOULD KILL FOR IT! It's not quite the same, but, of the same ilk. He had it shipped over from the UK and who can blame him. For something that was sold by the thousands in Woolies, it has become so collectible. I guess anything that becomes synonymous with a certain era, will make it happen. I bet all those who had that set and then threw it away are sick as a parrot now!!


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