Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Autumnal table

THE AUTUMNAL TABLE is one which I just threw together for us as a family one night and I was surprised at the positive response that I got from my lot. My husband in particularly liked it. I was quite taken aback by that. He is generally positive, but, he just seemed to be more keen on this one. I am particularly proud of the table cloth. It was actually two tab top curtains, which I took the tabs off and then sewed the two lengths of material together. I just loved the pattern. It's very different from most of the others that I have done.
The Table mats were a recent purchase. I was surprised to find six each of the two colours Green and a sort of burgundy. They were new and so I bought all twelve as I couldn't decide which I liked the most. To be honest I didn't like either of them too much, but, knew that I could make use of them. It did inspire me to get on with the sewing of the two lengths of fabric. To be honest they had just sat there for ages just waiting for me to get on with it!! I wasn't sure which to use with this setting, so I played about with both colours and came up with using them both. You can see what I did in the picture below! One was placed as normal and the other was placed across it with the edge just tipping over the table edge. I do try to find unusual ways of placing my settings, simply because I like breaking with convention. (I'm such a rebel I know!)

The centre piece is an assortment of brass. I have been buying this when ever I have found something that I like and that isn't corroded to a yukky messy blob of what looks like....well corroded metal, what else would it look like? I do have more pieces, but, felt that this table didn't need to much more on it. The flower arrangement is again all my own "brilliant" work (I know that's what YOU were thinking anyway). I just threw it together in the plant pot and it came out quite well. More of my "FAUX FLOWERS". The quality of synthetic flowers today is amazing and they are quite real looking. Well I think so don't you? The tray was a bit harder to find as they are often in quite bad condition. This one shines like the morning sun! The candles again came in as a box full of cheapies, new, but cheap! There is nothing wrong with them at all. I bought several boxes in different colours. I cannot believe how much we are charged for candles. They just should not be the price that they are over here. SHOCKING!! Do you hear me? SHOCKING! So go and find some in the op shops or at the very least warehouse discount stores. I think that they look fine don't you???

THE PINK GLASSES I have been looking for, for absolutely ages and finally managed to get some the other day. They will match several tables that I have. The napkins are just some in the right colour that I found and just liked.Who knew that they would enhance such an autumnal table setting? They are rather plain but when I get the time I will have a go at improving them, one way or another. I do have some dark green ones which will also work very well. If the table has enough people sitting at it then I could alternate them. I quite like that look.

The china is just four plates and bowls which I purchased when hunting for my eclectic set. It is actually Royal Doulton. I think it is very pretty. The cutlery is my antique set, I thought that the bone handles would match the colour of the crockery.


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