Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Black Shell on orange

The lovely and unusual "Coquillage", by Arococ of France. It is actually made of black glass. I love it's high gloss shine! I have almost finished collecting this. Just one more dinner plate and I'm done. I haven't manged to find any desert dishes yet , but, I use some black Crown Lynn "Verona" dishes. They are just as shiny, but, not glass. I will keep looking. I do tend to like things that are unusual as I have said many times before. I think you will agree this is definitely unusual. It took me ages to find out the name of this set as it is not marked at all. Luckily I am a little devil for digging away during my research on the Internet. Once you find out the name it becomes so much easier to see if there are any for sale anywhere else. Don't forget though, for my purposes they must be very affordable (cheap). To be honest I have been known to pay a bit more than op shop prices when I have nearly completed my set, as I become very impatient. For one or two pieces I will justify it, because I am ready to start the next set and want to finish the current one. But, as a purest, it's OK they will come up again in the op shops, just keep looking.
The Vase was a one off buy just because it reminded me of the 1920's. Although it is obscured by the flowers it has a very art deco pattern on it. Also in a VERY high gloss finish, it enhances the whole table! As usual my old favourites the silk flowers with crab apples just to make the effect a bit different! Although this table is black on orange, I can nearly create it with orange on black, as I have a wonderful orange dinner set from Norway, which, I intend to get on here very soon, I did actually take a load of pictures of it, but, then managed to delete them all....I love technology!! (it's just me that's stupid)

So another for you, I think I am getting the hang of this now, there's no stopping me!!! ha ha

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