Saturday, September 25, 2010

Some items that I have come to love along the way!!

Now these are incredible and are very collectable.
While researching the age etc and any info I can find on them, I found out that they are American "Hobnail milk glass". There are many single glasses on
Ebay, but, I have not found any whole sets being sold together.
You can see this set in use on the post yelow sunny table. They are great for cocktails!! Always handy in my book!

These two green glass purchases were made together as I thought that it would be quite nice to put some
bubble bath in the green decanter and put it in the bathroom. However I found that they looked so good on my new 1950's dressing table that I keep them on there. (will post pictures of that soon) The vase makes a great item to hang necklaces.
It comes from the 1960's period.

Strictly speaking these things are not completely table design, but while out hunting I come across many useful and completely useless items that I simply have to have. I bought this with the intention of selling it as a piece of Kiwiana. however after being given two huge bags of the most amazingly sweet grapefruit I found this to be the best citrus squeezer I have ever used. (shame its so ugly). Still, it's earnt it's place in my kitchen. As William Morris said "function over form". Who am I to argue???

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