Wednesday, September 22, 2010


So here we are again readers, or should I say reader? (thanks Dawnie! Dawnies Den is amazing by the way). Today I have found the time to sit and write. After a long conversation with my adorable husband in the spa last night, while drinking a glass or two of bubbles, he inspired me to get on with my writing and stop feeling self indulgent about using my time to do this. He loves it!! He thinks that if you have a creative interest then you should pursue it. ( I know ladies isn't he fantastic?) He is the most amazingly, supportive and encouraging man that I have ever known! And let me tell you I have known a few. I don't mean in "that way". I simply mean that I have met a few.....Oh for goodness sake, you know what I mean! So I shall shut up and continue. I think that you get the point that I love my Husband and he loves me and that's all that matters. THERE I'VE SAID IT!!

So the silver and white table.......This table evolved really from one or two random purchases and a gift. Two of the silver goblets were from friends, (sadly no longer together) given to us as a departing gift as we ventured overseas from the South island all the way up to the North island and to the cosmopolitan centre of New Zealand more commonly called Auckland. Yes I was to become a "Jafa". (don't ask what it means. it is a derogatory term given to all people from Auckland by.... well just about everyone else in NZ really). "It means "just another F.....g Aucklander". I think it must be an affectionate term don't you? Up here we accept the comment and welcome it because it enables us to live in the most sophisticated and cosmopolitan city. Oh My goodness I have done it again...I digress. I a waffling. Shame on me!! I guess to say that I like the sound of my own voice translates into my own thoughts as well, seeing as I can write the most amazing nonsense too.

But Hey it's my blog!!

So back to the table...
As I said "an evolution of items" that led me to pursue other things which enabled me to put this table together. There are some items which come up regularly in op-shops. Probably because they are not very fashionable and are sometimes difficult to use, but, I love the afore mentioned goodies as I love the challenge of taking things that no-one else wants, and show them in a different light. When putting a whole lot of silverware together suddenly what seemed like a fairly useless item comes into it's own. I managed to get a few more goblets over the next few weeks and so another table was born.

(Tip;- When buying goblets always check they are not damaged inside).

From this idea came the notion that the silver plated trays that always seem to be hanging around in one relatives' house or another, that usually end up in op-shops would indeed make great platters. A base that is ideal for stacking up all the plates and dishes therefore requiring no place mats.

Silver is always a good base for an evening table as the candlelight adds a wonderful sparkle. On this table I have varied the settings slightly so that you can see how it can work with an assortment of crockery, napkins and the use of crystal as opposed to silver goblets.

Silver trays also make great serving platters for buffets or table centre pieces as can be seen on this table.

During my hunting, I also bought two silver tea sets (don't ask me why?) OK! well I will tell you. Way back at the beginning of my obsession, while, hunting for my eclectic dinner set, I decided that because I was struggling to find a tea pot ( I have one now thanks and it's adorable) that I would buy a silver one instead. Having bought one, I then found another one which was much nicer. It has a much nicer tray, and I already have many ideas about how to use it.

(TIP;-One idea is to use the original tea set as an unusual centre piece. Fill each item in the tea set with short stemmed flowers and place on the tray and put in the middle of the table. Instant glamour! The second idea is to use the other set as a piece for the sideboard or such item of furniture that you may have in your dining room. It adds another element of the same colour to the room setting. )

The candlesticks are antique and I bought them many years ago in the UK. They always add an heir of formality, which, I love at a dinner party. The other smaller candles are little Lillies. As I said in an earlier post I always buy candles like that, when I see them them as they are very affordable (another way of saying cheap in this politically correct world of ours) and they come in so many styles and colours. Variety being the order of the day and very much what my nonsense blog is about.

The table cloth is beautiful but a devil to iron. I had to have this one though as the price was incredible. They normally sell for a fortune at antique fairs.

The white and silver crockery was my first "posh " set. It was given to me as a gift many years ago. I have since added to it to increase it's numbers. Strictly speaking this isn't an op-shop purchase but white crockery is often available so I don't feel guilty about including it here in my blog. I have slightly altered the table for the last few pictures so that you can see how it can be changed for different settings.

This one includes the sandwich plates that I decided to buy to add to my eclectic set for the purposes of using as starter plates. Notice the different napkin folding and rings used.

So once again another table.......ENJOY.


  1. Just where do you store it all hon??? Not my favourite this one, but atmospheric none the less.
    Yes, it seems I am your only reader, or at least one that makes comments., once I had got my head out of the bucket after reading about Mark!!!!! lol x

  2. ha ha you are a card!!! I find places for all my stuff dont you worry! I did manage to find out, on here, who had been looking and I must say that I have had more international hits than I realised. One from Norway, another from canada, America and at least 28 in NZ. It did cheer me to know that it hasnt all been in vane.