Saturday, September 25, 2010

A selection of glassware for the turquoise table.

Turquoise glassware that I have bought since I designed the original table. I haven't actually put them together yet but, I will post when I do. I just felt that the table might benefit from a little more glamour and less whimsy on occasions. It is also stuff that I a collecting from what has become known as the "Retro Era". technically the eighties are not part of that but hey who's looking?
It is a very unusual colour which attracted me to it in the first place.

I was thinking that the two bowls might look good with tea lights or candles and the jug could be loaded up with flowers in the middle of the table!!


  1. I wish I had half your eye for detail sis. xxx

  2. Huh!! That's madness, you quite clearly have more than enough eye for detail and you have the perfect forum for it too!! We jusy apply our talents in different fields. I couldnt do what you do!!! xx