Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Busy busy busy.

Well I have been so busy this week trying to get the house back up to scratch after the summer heat has taken it's toll on things.

After putting a post on here last week http://thriftytablechic.blogspot.com/2011/03/little-easter-table.html I realised how bad our spa deck had got...whoops should look harder next time. So the first dry day I got, I was out there with stain brush and large pot of timber stain in hand and away I went. It is looking so much better now. Another job done for a couple of years. I also started my kitchen update which is being done on a budget of ZERO!

I managed to get a pine shelf which cost me nothing and I immediately started to beat it up and distress it (not as in offend it with bad language or noffink, but create a lovely, aged french farmhouse unit). I am going to post the process later this week.

My wondeful friend Angela gave me some windfall apples last week and I need to attend to these and get them in the freezer.

My daughter has her 15 birthday this week and I have to bake and plan for her "English afternoon tea party". She has all the taste of amazing Mum...lol

I also have more visitors over from the UK this month and so have to make sure the spare room is clean and aired. All this takes time. PHEW!!

Anyway keep popping in to see how it all went.



  1. I loved looking back at your Easter table. You really do have a way of designing a table! Nice to meet you. I hope you'll come by my blog sometime and introduce yourself. :)

  2. You've been a busy girl!, but I can see we're going to be looking at beautiful things you'll be creating. I'd love to see your darling's 15th. You can use my post all you want, honey pie, thank you for asking!
    I'm in love with the black and white table, well, now that's a great idea...it is so elegant, love the details and the china! Maybe for Father's Day?! The

    dishes I've shown are not made by us, it says in back: Home Gallery-Quality Tableware-Fine China. The tureen and others are made by us.
    Enjoy your weekend pretty girl and thanks for the lovely and sweet comments!
    Lots of hugs.