Saturday, March 26, 2011

Fourteen Dinner sets is enough for anyone.........or is it???

I know, I know......fourteen dinner services should be enough for anyone, but, I am slightly mad and have recently been exposed to many more mad women like me who love to collect all sorts of china and wonderful bric a brac to create the most exquisite tablescapes. So that being said, I am feeling fairly smug about myself and realised that I am not alone and that us "CHINA LUNATICS" should stick together.

It is on that note that I decided to share with you a little insight into my brain....Yes alright, I know that may be dangerous for you.....and that you may never be the same again......but, please indulge me. During the last two hunting forays into the world of thrift shops, I was lucky enough to come across several ornamental thingamibobs. I want to share them with you so that you can see how the mind of the obsessed tablescaper works.

I will admit to usually buying stuff which is the right colour, for an idea that I am working on, long before the table actually gets completed, but on this particular occasion I just fell in love with some items and so decided to buy them. As it has turned out, it has led me to put ideas together in my head and I believe I am nearly ready for an assembly of another lovely tablescape.

So here they are...not particularly displayed in a wonderful way, but I think it just goes to show how the mind of a tablescaper works from bare item to finished table.

Although I finished my bright sunny fruity table, I saw these and fell in love with them. I had to have them and they were all of about NZ$4 each. (that's about 2 pounds or roughly the same US dollars. When I got home I immediately put them on the table and you can see them here and how they looked.

I have been very keen to put a blue and white table together for a while now and so constantly keep my eyes open for anything that might be of interest. Imagine my excitement when I saw these china napkin rings. Not only brand new, but two packets of six..... A right result!!!

 Again another packet of six napkin rings, with just a hint of sparkle (something I always love). This picture doesn't really show them off to their full advantage.  
For those of you who have read any of my earlier posts will know that I love to buy faux flowers and any sort of candle. It's not that I am of the "mean" variety, but simply that it is so expensive here in NZ and I object to paying quite a lot of money for something that others take for grated and can buy cheaply in their normal retail outlets. So if I see these items in the thrift stores them I buy them. 
These are little shell candles. I am working on putting together a sea themed table now! 

 I just thought these were such pretty and feminine little votives. What do you think?
 OK!!! Now these were just a pure indulgence. I absolutely adore them. I don't have any candles to fit them as of yet, but, I am working on it. Aren't they lovely?
 I loved this anyway, but decided it would be a great addition to my glass dinner set. It doesn't match but I have never worried about that! OH "Depression Glass" I love it! 
Hmm, well yes!!! It seemed like a good idea at the time. I thought it would just add another element to any green table. But now I'm not so sure.......but only cost 50 cents. 

 Ok, now these little boxes come up quite often. I must admit I do tend to buy them whenever I see them as 1) I love the boxes and 2) I usually intend to alter the napkin rings in some way. So far I have just accumulated heaps of napkin rings and bits and pieces to chop and change them. I will however, use the boxes in some way..... (note to self, maybe I could paint them in a fab colour).
 Well now aren't these just darling?? I have used them already and you can see them in my last post!

Now I must admit that I may have made a mistake buying these. The pattern is printed and therefore won't wash very well...Ah well....Cest la vie!! (OOH!! I came over all French).
OMG!! Now I love this basket! It is gorgeous and I can't wait to use it! Don't know where yet. But it will have so many uses I'm sure!!! Keep your eyes out for it!!

Again, another sweet little thing. I have used it already and it can be seen in the link above. but it will have many uses I'm sure. 
These were not Op-shop purchases, but I did buy them in an outlet shop, so still technically within the criteria that I have set myself for this blog!
I have been looking for some nice glass candlesticks for ages. They have come up, but tend to be so expensive. I must admit that these were texpensive too at $20 (ridiculous price for glass,) but I liked them. It didn't stop me coming out the shop whinging and moaning to myself about it!! I'm still looking for some more, but I'm not paying that price again. I'll keep looking. I also want some white ones, but think I may need to make my own.
These little ornaments will adorn any blue table and add just a little favourite!! I can't wait to use these.

Well now how's this for planning ahead? I live by the old saying "see it, love it, buy it" and I would really love to make my Christmas table silver and gold this year. Yes I know it's nearly a year away, but, it's op-shopping remember? Nothing comes up when you go looking or it. You have to buy it as and when you see it. These little beauties cost me just about NZ$1 each. I think they will do the trick very well. I might even add a little glitter to them as well....we'll see!
The photo does not do these little beauties justice! They are extremely life like. I wish I could get more! 
Now I know these look like an odd purchase, and you may be right! But I saw two gorgeous round table cloths in this very colour. It was one of those occasions where I didn't buy them but it kept nagging at me. I then went on to find these items and thought they would go so well with the table cloths so I bought the items, but as luck would have it, I went back for the table cloths and they were gone. Dam and blast!!! What's wrong with me??? "SEE IT, LOVE IT, BUY IT!!!!! My own mantra and I ignored it.
So there you go! A brief journey into the inner workings of the mind of a mad tablescaper. There will be so many more tables to come, so don't go away or come back very soon.

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  1. Jo,

    Good eye and great finds. You inspired me to head to the local thrifts today! I especially love the blue fruit and blue napkin rings. Your mantra has always been my mantra. Dianne

  2. Oh my, great things! I love them all! Really like your picks, you did a great job shopping. Yeah, I know what you mean about expensive in NZ, here in Ecuador things European or foreign in general are expensive and "kind" of expensive, but never the less I do my shopping at great stores, as of right now, I'm waiting for an antique store that will call me to go see their new arrivals...can't wait!!!
    Thank you for dropping by pretty Jo and for the nice comments and you're so very welcome to come by and use your "voyeuristic" skills on my house! Yeah, that fixture is nice, it's Italian and I have other posts where you can see it in full. Come by and see my: Another Dinnerware Design, just before this last one. I'm going to go look around yours as well.

  3. OH! I'm also your follower! Hope you like my blog enough to follow me.

  4. Oh Jo! You found some AMAZING treasures!! I love all of them! Those candlesticks that hold the matches are absolutely wonderful!! I also pickup faux flowers and candles at thrift stores. They are so expensive in the regular retail stores. Great finds! Have a wonderful day!

  5. Good finds. I also constantly watch for beautiful "things". Our local thrift store is the best place to shop as far as I'm concerned.

  6. What an amazing collection of wonderful gee gahs! I can see them on the table right now. There is a product called "Vintage Soak" that will safely restore your vintage linens made from natural fibers. The results are always absolutely amazing! I pick up some pretty destroyed looking linens on the cheap at estate sales, and they come out looking new. I buy mine from a store called The Antique House. I know that you could order some from them, or perhaps you could find an antique store in NZ that offered a similar product to save you international shipping. Thank you for sharing all your goodies. Cherry Kay