Thursday, March 24, 2011

Tablescape Thursday...Teddybears Picnic

At this weeks Tablescape Thursday hosted by Susan at " was inspired by the gorgeous little teddies that I bought in the Anglican church, op-shop in Milford this week. I just loved the fact that they were just sitting there, all alone, in a little group of three, at the back of the shop. I immediately realised that they would make a gorgeous centre piece for this weeks table. It was my starting point. They cost me all of  80 NZcents each. I know that they would also make a wonderful baby shower table, but to be honest here in New Zealand (or the UK come to think of it) we don't really do baby showers much! However if we do, then I am all set.
So tell me these aren't cute!!

Once I was home again and feeling really guilty that I had not been able to go past a thrift shop, I emptied my bag and pondered ( I do ponder a lot, well, when I shut my mouth long enough to engage my brain). So anyway, after pondering for some time, I came up with the idea of using my "Homer Laughlin Fiesta, Cinnebar" dinner set. (Phew!! That takes some saying in one breath). I co-ordinated with Crown Lynn "Modern living" salad plate, Along with my pink napkins, which I knew would be the perfect colour. The perfect tablecloth, would be the long purpleyee/burgundyeyish one or alternatively you could call it aubergine/eggplant, depending where you come from.

See how I have drapped the napkins over the side?
Next came the centrepiece and a few other elements to add interest!

Last week I found these adorable, but very fragile place mats. To be honest I am afraid to use them really. They are new, but oh so delicate. I really don't know how they will cope with washing. The embroidery on them is so lovely, with the gold running through them. The colours are perfect! These were placed over the square napkins, which I used as part of the place setting, You can see how I positioned them below. I needed to make each place seem bigger as the plates did rather obscure the embroidery. Also notice how I changed the bows for the evening. I couldn't decide which looked best and the family and guests decided that in the day the top one looked best, but at night, the little glass dishes came into their own.

I placed these funny little papier mache egg thingies on each dish....I don't know why! It just seemed like a good idea!

I don't know anyone who can manage to well with out glasses, so here is my choice for this table.

So onwards and upwards, next came the sideboard decoration. I was going to use some pink plant pots that I have, but thought that these looked better. I added some rafia to introduce the colour to that area. It had always been my intention to use the rafia to customise the napkin rings, but it is quite stiff and not very unforgiving when working with it. So the napkins remained plain and the rafia is now adorning glass and silver large votives.  

I added this lovely bon bon dish with a couple of tea lights and my trusty grapes, (also placed in the centre piece)
Did you notice how the dish is vine leaves too?
So there it is the teddy bears Picnic!
Now allow me to show you the wonder of candle lighting as this table comes alight at night!

 Go On....admit it, they are sweet!

So thank you so much for dropping by Thriftytablechic. Please remember all items on my tables and settings have come from Op-shops or Thrift Stores.


  1. The teddies are perfect for this table. I love the way you used the Fiestaware cinnabar. I have some place settings in this color, so it was interesting to see the things you used to complement them. Lovely table.

  2. Thankyou Patti, I would dearly love some plates in lime green but the cost is so much to get it here to New Zealand. I would really love to co-them with this set. Ah well my blog is about tables made from items bought at thrift shops, so maybe technically it would be cheating!! :)

  3. Jo,

    This table is darling. I DO love the teddy bears. The placemats are really special. When I have something delicate, I spray with ScotchGuard and then I can usually wipe them off and spare frequent trips to the laundry. Thank you for your kind comments. So happy to have a follower from so far away! Looking forward to getting to know you.

  4. Hi lovely lady.
    I love all the Beautiful colors in your dinnerware and I love pink also your Tablescape is lovely sweet lady !!! I also love going the Thrift shops like you ~~~Becouse of all the Tablescapes I do, I do mix dinnerware all the time.. I also go to Ebay`` Thanks so much for becoming one of my followers ~~~Im your newest follower on your Blog. I hope you have a Great Day.

  5. What a pretty table you have set! Love all the colors. And those placemats are so beautiful! I hope you are having a wonderful day!

  6. Jo, that is so cool that you found Fiesta in NZ. I love my Homer Laughlin dinnerware. And you are right, the Harlequin would look lovely on your table.


  7. Such a cute table. You have used so many really cute finds.

  8. I love the bears, they are adorable. I love thrifting too. It is one of my many pleasures in life. Your table is beautiful with the vibrant colors. I would love to thrift shop where you go. Smile.

    Hugs, Jeanne

  9. The trouble is Jeanne, I cant walk past one now, just incase I miss something. Still, I must admit, I have made some great purchases. including a very rare 1960's Portmerion retro dinner set. I won't tell you how much my Homer Laughlin set cost it will make you cry.

    Thanks again for dropping by!!


  10. Beautiful table, Jo. I really like the dishes against the darkness of the tablecloth, they really stand out. The placemats are lovely, hope they wash well for you.
    Have a great weekend!

  11. The teddy bears are total adorableness & your table is stunning!

  12. I'm so glad that you rescued those darling bears...they were the perfect inspiration for your lovely tablescape. Your placemats are a real treasure. Thank you for sharing your charming design. Cherry Kay

  13. Good for you for taking those cute fellows home to use in your sweet tablescape. Makes me smile! ~ Sarah

  14. What an adorable teddy bear picnic. Love those beautiful placemats. I really like your napkins draped over the edge of the table too.

  15. A truly charming table. I love your placemats. Do use them, wash them in oxyclean in a sink not the washer. Line dry them and then remember to iron them upside down. That will keep the emroidery from being flattened. they are lovely. I love the added layer of the napkins and the teddy bears are soo darling. thanks for dropping in.