Thursday, February 24, 2011


I must confess I have found it hard to think about blogging this week. The pain of seeing so many peoples lives affected by the terrible earthquake in Christchurch. I myself have struggled to get in touch with a friend down there and am just hoping that it is because she has no power for the computor. I am praying for her and her family.

I actually put together a table this week, a really sunny, bright an happy looking table. But somehow it just doesn't seem right to be putting in on here. Perhaps it's just my mood. I will try and get it on here tomorrow. I still need to take the photographs. It has just sat here all week waiting for me.

Be at peace my Kiwi friends and all the vivitors who have perished in this terrible disaster..


  1. I join you in praying. Look forward to your post. Thank you for stopping by my site; come visit any time. Cherry Kay

  2. We have watching on the news Jo too, we have friends visiting NZ for the whole of February & hope they are safe & well. Look forward to seeing your picture, keep your chin up sis xxxx