Sunday, December 19, 2010

Christmas table 2010

In this time of Christmas cheer, I love trawling the op-shops and markets to see what wondrous delights I can steal away at astonishing prices. This year was no exception and I found some very cute pieces. Bundled together in an array of traditional colours, I think you will agree that a lovely festive dinner table has been brought to bare.

I have included the next photo simply so that you can see the components of this table. It is taken at lunch time, but the light created by the mass of candles is really best shown off at night.
I will simply list the pieces that I found on my travels so that you may be able to pick out what individual pieces go to create this lovely setting. VERY cheap black candle holders x 2, 2 x green glittery fat candles, 1x retro red vase with white church candle in it, placed centrally in a wreath which I bought in the new year last year. 3x tiny gold Xmas tree decorations, a couple of broken gold beaded garlands (virtually free) draped around the black candle holders, an assortment of red votive's complete with tea lights (essential to have buckets of those at this time of year), tall red candles, another gold garland made from lots of little festive shaped trinkets, including harps, trumpets and bells etc.
I bought a packet of red fabric roses to use as present decoration, but, couldn't bring myself to part with them so placed them lovingly on the table too. The best (in my opinion) thing that I bought, that I love, are the gorgeous little string garlands that consist of tiny porcelain objects in red and white. You can see them in this picture but, it's not the best image of them.
All the garlands were carefully draped around the strategically placed items and add a wonderful Chrismasy feel to the whole table.
The china was my white porcelain set, with silver trim, which I layered up and then placed some newly acquired red napkins which came with a lovely gold edging. I was very happy with those as I had managed to get eight. The napkin rings are made from an opalescence china and are quite gorgeous. Sadly, I was not able to get the full effect from the photography.

You can just see the way the napkins have been folded and placed on to the plates, in the picture above.
I think you will agree (or I hope that you do) that the table looks really lovely when lit up at night. I am very happy with it and just hope that my guests will be too. The twinkling of the gently bobbing flames adds a wonderful sparkle to so many of the pieces in the table.

So there it is The Christmas table 2010. I'm off to make some mulled wine and mince tarts made with mincemeat and filo pastry. I may just add a little Brandy butter just to get the Christmas spirit flowing.........
Merry Christmas and a wonderful new year to all. Keep popping by in the new year to see what other designs of thrifty table chic I can come up with for 2011.


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