Saturday, November 14, 2009

New beginnings, a new table in the making

I have been out already today in hot pursuit of stuff for a lovely bright yellow table. Why I hear you ask? well why not I say! The summer is on its way and we will all be eating outside very soon. Knowing us the house will soon be filled with the happy sounds of teenagers arguing and shouting indignantly that, "it's not fair that you always have your friends round" "we never get to have ours. " Its quite strange really when you think that my house was full of teenage girls last night having a sleepover only to be followed by my sons friends coming round today. What platform of reality do you think they live on that makes them loose sight of how often their friends come come round. AH well! not that I care I love having peole over and the outdoor season will be upon us before too long.

The idea of assembling a yellow table came from the fact that I found a lovely yellow table cloth/throw in a discount store. I guess it was there because noone else wanted it. I love its brightness and can see its potential when laid out with all the other items. I must confess I did find a gorgeous jug today in an op-shop which will make a fabulous centre piece. I can imagine it with huge sunflowers in it. something which symbolises the ongoing balmy days of summer in the Mediteranean. I love the image of Italian summers. Huge swathes of open fields, with poppies dancing amongst crops swaying gently in the breeze. Doesn't that image just make you want to lie down and fall asleep. Well, it does me!

The table cloth is quite big so should look really good on the outside furniture. I am hunting down some other yellow items now to complete my latest ensemble. Watch this space, and I'll tell you how im getting on. hopefully it won't be too long before I can post another photo. You will all be able to see just how easy it is to create something beautiful on a shoestring budget.

While watching the tv this morning there was an article on there about new Christmas decorations. I just couldnt believe the price that the presenter was quoting, the cost of things here in this country is madness!!! Madness, do you hear? how can anyone justify the prices asked for by the manufacturers. Some of the articles were no more than bits of felt stuck together. They weren't even sewn and stupid lady just kept going on about how they are going to be heir looms. (well not made with glue lady, they ain't). The point is why would anyone pay those prices?

Last week I went hunting in my some of my usual haunts and was amazed to find all the op-shops filled to the brim with Christmas decorations. You name it and it was available, I purchased a big, bag full of gorgeous bauballs in the shape of little ornamental drums. They are simply stunning and i'm so glad to have got them. The whole bag was just $3. Infact they were still in their bag on the sofa when my girlfriend came round and saw them she couldn't believe the price of them. The op-shops are full of stuff like this at the moment, go and have a look, you can afford to buy it and get it wrong, you can always give them back you know. I mean it is charity shop shopping and all the money goes to a good cause. Please don't forget this. It is a way of giving as well as getting great bargains. Not to mention that it is also recycling at its best with no cost or chemical processing to reinvent the product. Just a straight transfer of ownership.

Well lecture over I must be off to find some more sunshine crockery for the bright, bright summer table. Keep watching this Blog for some great ideas. If anyone has any suggestions about new op-shops, particularly in the North Shore of Auckland area then please let me know about it. (bet I know about it already) after all i am an addict! jo xx

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  1. Well, here it is, an apology for my sister Karen, who makes the most beautiful necklaces. I am honoured to be the owner of a fine piece of hand made designer jewellery made by her fair hands,(which is surprising, have you seen her hands, ok, ok, sorry, couldnt stop myself) If I lived near her I'm afraid I wouldnt be able to stop myself buying her stuff all the time. (That may be a problem as I need the money for my op-shop projects)however, friends in England, if you are lucky enough to be in the locality and can easily pop round to her place of business,( i don't mean the one that people dont like to talk about) i mean the other one where she makes her jewels, go buy yourself some fashionably tasteful little gems. you wont be dissappointed. Jo x