Friday, November 13, 2009

The Glass Evening Table

Hi everyone, I have just been to the osteopath to try and sort out my seized up neck, so I cant sit on here for hours.......... OK! who am I kidding? Why is it though that when you have an injury it always has to get worse before it gets better? Seriously, I would just be happy with the get better bit, and not worry about the get worst first.
Well anyway, I am going to try to down load some more pics, (yea right!) of a table setting that I made, that I fell in love with. It consists of a glass dinner service, (yes glass, sounds naff doesn't it?) but is the sort of thing that most people would walk passed in a second hand store. Many things in Op-shops don't look very good just piled up one on top of the other. However with my super eye for a bargain, and strange talent for looking beyond the obvious, I can see how something might look when displayed appropriately. In fact, I love to take the proverbial sows ear and turn it into a silk purse. It's a strange addiction isn't it? but, it keeps me out of mischief! Anyway, as I said the glass dinner service, it wasn't complete, which was fine as I thought that I would be able to add some more pieces to it, even if they weren't the same. When I did though the differences showed up a little to much. The differences in the glass colour and clarity were very obvious when I put them all together. So I decide to settle for this particular set being a 4 person set instead of 6.

Now can you imagine my delight (try its worth it) when going into another op-shop a few weeks later only to find the same set, laid out on a table and consisting of an 8 piece setting. Raptures or what??? ( yes I know its sad but its what I have become). I couldn't believe it, I really didn't think I would be able to match the set with even a few pieces let alone another complete one, and one with 8 settings. Oh the excitement!!! This meant I would have enough for 12 people. Not as extravagant as you might think, I often have my friends over for Sunday lunch and they bring their kids and the numbers often add up to 10 or 12. So not so silly as you might think! If you are the sort of person who is totally intimidated by entertaining large numbers, and would never think of cooking for 12 then just tell yourself "it's OK," because it just means that you can afford to break some and still have enough to put together an intimate dinner for 6 or more.

Don't forget, things happen in life and all the best laid plans go astray. I have often found my dinner party has ended up with an odd number of guests. Dinner sets are usually sold in even numbers so you either have too many pieces or not enough. Having too many will always get my vote. So it makes sense to buy from op-shops because the price means you can afford to have the extra crockery sitting around waiting for its day.
Anyway back to the afore mentioned set, there it was sitting, all laid out on the table, with two middle eastern ladies looking at it and discussing whether it would suit their purposes or not. I could feel my heart start to pump, it was going to be a race between us, ( I am the sort of person who always chooses the wrong queue at the check out, and sees every other bugger go through before them and to make matters worst the person in front of me always causes the efptos machine to crash. So, the point I am trying to make is, I knew I had to get too the till first. No looking around the shop for me, ( a challenge in itself) I was on a mission!!!!! I walked straight up to the check out and all assertive like, shouted "I want that dinner service." Actually I didn't shout in case the middle eastern lady and her mother came over and bothered me. I mean it was worth fighting for, but, my English heritage stops me from behaving in such an undignified manner in public. Yes I know I can be a mouthy bitch from time to time, but, only with those who know me. HONEST!!!! So I paid my money, got the OLD ladies to wrap it up for me and carry it to the car. (WELL MY HANDS HURT AND MY HEART WAS STILL PUMPING FROM EXCITEMENT), leaving the other two ladies with their bottom jaws gaping. You see "he who hesitates comes last, ha ha!!" So that is the story of the glass dinner service. I really do love it it just sparkles at night and looks good with any setting and colour I put with it.
The rest of the table consists of two black sheets which I have always used as table cloths, Some lovely, silvery grey, embroidered place mats and napkins, which, were brand new in an op-shop, complete with labels still attached ( it's best to remove the labels before using as they look ugly and scratch your chin when wiping your face) and two silver candlesticks. The napkin rings were pretty ugly, black plastic rings with nothing going for them except their simplicity. I come across this style very often and buy them when ever I see them, in every different colour. Pretty ugly on their own, in fact the lady who sold them to me said "oh, I have just put them out and thought no-one will ever buy them. However, me being me, nothing ever stays the same. I doctored the rings with 3 hair bands I bought form the two dollar shop. They consisted of black roses and black feathers with a hint of black glitter. It was my intention to rip the hair bands apart and make six out of them but, when I got them home and wrapped them around the napkin rings, I like them so much, I decided to leave them whole and get three more I mean why make more work for yourself if you don't have to. They really gave the table a feeling of glamour.

Although this dinner service could cover 12 this table setting is only for 6 as the linens prevent me seating any more.

So far this has become one of my favourites, but then they all become my favourite when I lay them out! I almost don't want to eat off them. I wonder what a psychotherapist would make of my newest hobby? Who cares! Everyone knows I'm mad anyway! xx

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  1. Yea!!! Ive done it! two whole pictures. (even if I did end up downloading another one with them from another album, luckily I found the delete button. who cares the world is my oyster) I am a happy camper.x