Monday, June 27, 2011

Iv'e got my Mo Jo back!

Hey there all my blogging friends. Today I feel like I have finally got my MOJO back, well at least for a while anyway. I guess that the inevitable will happen again when we all live such hectic lives. As I said in my last blog I just couldn't find it in myself to create a table which I was happy with. I managed to knock out two and preferred the second one. But funnily enough I found that looking back over the photos the second one didn't photograph any where near as good as the first. Ah well, look for yourself and you decide.
So on to our table for this week. I have been going down the bright colour route for a while and decided to head down a different path. This table was started, because I had managed to get a new pile of plates and dishes which I knew would go with my cream patterned china. When I bought the first set it was only for four people, but I loved it so much. It's funny because I nearly always reject such a small set as I generally like to buy for eight or six at the very least. However, this one spoke to me....Buy me, Buy me it shouted!! No it really was quite embarrassing and I had to hide my face as I walked out with it. I didn't want others to come and kidnap me so that they could do research on me and my talking dinner set. Anyway, we escaped with out incident and I had this one sitting nicely in  my china cupboard. BUT, as usual I couldn't leave well alone, I knew it needed to be added to. So low and behold what do I find nearly a year later? Yes you guessed it, the perfect pairing for it. Well I think so anyway. See for yourself. I did my usual trick of mixing and matching. It is a great way of making a small set go further.
I added my beautiful vintage pink water glasses. Sorry I don't know who made them (that's the trouble with op-shopping you often don't) and then added the other wine glasses that you can see.
It's a real shame that in the picture you cant see the beautiful engraving on the smaller glasses. 
With my gorgeous, very old (c1910) enamel jug for a centre piece to hold my delightful yellow roses, placed on a gold organza runner, which I scrunched up into a pile with a pink napkin. Then added my newly acquired Greek, pillar, thingamabob.
Pink candles placed into some old brass candlesticks added a bit more gold to enhance the gilding on the plates. 
A little note about Brass.... it is usually very cheap in thrift shops here in NZ and indeed in the UK, but let me tell you a secret it is going to be the new "MUST HAVE" design element for the coming season. Personally I love anything that is still very affordable and bought mine about two years ago. You can always sell it after you have grown to dislike if you want, it holds it's scrap value very well. Anyway I digress, See for yourself if you like the effect.
See the gorgeous little pink depression glass bowls that I bought from the Market? I added a couple of decorative little flower candles, but I can a myriad of uses for those little babies. How about using them as a salt and pepper bowl ? HUH? Yes I know, they'll look perfect won't they with two tiny little silver spoons. Ooh, I'm thinking already about where to get some more. ( I bought one for  my girlfriend last Chrismas with a darling little salt. Darnnit, should have kept it). Ah well the fun of the hunt, etc!!!....

The napkins were very simple plain pink with cream and gold napkin rings which came as a part of the Japanese set I bought about a year ago. You can see the place mats in the picture below. 
I Used the old vintage cream linen table cloth. I love it but it is a bugger to iron, (thanks to the Women's Institute for that one). Anyway as time went on found that the whole table had a bit of a Grecian feel to it, so I added my cord tie backs which my son decided that he no longer wanted in his room. Ha ha his loss my gain!!
Here is is again in candlelight.

This beautiful jug is pink glass with the most exquisite gilding on it. It was absolutely perfect condition when I bought it

And finally..........

So there it is my MOJO table.

Please leave some comments, I love getting them. It does make blogging seem worth it if you know people like what you are doing. HAPPY BLOGGING!!
I will be joining Inspiration friday @ the picket fence
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  1. Your table is very elegant and dreamy with the candle light!


  2. I love how beautiful your table came together.. The depression glass, the enamel pitcher, the elegant dishes.. so wonderful. Thanks for sharing. Many blessings, marlis

  3. Your table is very pretty! I would love to see a close up of your beautiful dishes. The depression glasses & jug are so elegant with your dishes. Thanks for sharing.
    Blessings My Friend,

  4. How pretty your pastels are. Love the shadows and candleglow pictures. All of this is so pretty together on your table.

  5. Beautiful tablescape. I'm glad to hear that brass is on it's way back in....I just bought two pair of heavy old brass candlesticks for $2.00 a pair...thought that they would be great for certain tablescapes. Thanks for the tip and for sharing your lovely design. Cherry Kay

  6. I adore your table lit by the candles :*~:*~so soft and romantic:*~:*~:*~ I adore all the pinks!
    I am your newest follower and just love your tablescape....might have to go find some brass!