Tuesday, March 1, 2011

A sunny tablescape to cheer the soul after a depressing week or so of Earthquake horrors!!

Some more picutres for you, after a whole evening of blogging went caput, when it only published one photo and a small bit of Blog...How rude! Doesn't it know I have loads to say!!!   

This table was thrown together with so much of what I had alreaday bought over the last few years. Here you can see the Barrel, which I bought for a "burger in a basket" party for about 50 people. I wanted to lay the table and make it look like a harvest time theme with lots of earthy components. After all large parties are a time for sharing and traditionally, harvest time would bring all hands to the deck and the crop owner would lay on some spread for all the helping hands (well that's what I think happens anyway). The barrel was the centre piece from which all the other components oozed out. Well when I say oozed.... I mean gentle cascaded.

These brushes always seem to add something to this type of theme so I use them!! I have two and there is one on the other corner of the table.  

This table was, however, inspired by the lovely little coaster which I had bought from an op-shop and thought that they would make a gorgeous gift wrapping. I had imagined them with brown paper and sisal string ribbon. Here You can see how well they went with the new table cloths ( I say "cloths" because I bought two, I always do where I can) and so I decided to keep the coasters and use them here. Do you agree that they go very well with fabric? 

I placed my little round yellowy/orange candles on them.

Now I have to tell you about these darling little things. My husband bought them back for me as a present from Budapest in Hungry. He was recently on a trip there for work and was regularly taken to dinner by his contractors. Apparently all restaurants and all self-respecting housewives have them. They are for serving bread or rolls. Cute huh? I only used one on this table. But, photographed them both just to show you.

Each place setting had one of my lovely papier mache veg on it, Just to add a bit of charactor.

The place settings were made to compliment the coasters. Can you see how I have used two different dinner services? I was keen to use my Orange Norwegian set but, thought that my New Zealand Crown Lynn, Sandown set, added to it, would match the coasters. I placed each setting on an orange place mat, then a wicker round mat and then the orange dinner plate, rest you can see.  

I used my antique cutlery set as it has age to it, and in my opinion can be dressed up or down in any type of setting, old or new. I love those old bone handles.

Orange napkins placed across in this way, keep the setting fairly neat looking. Something that I feel it needs as the centre is fairly detailed.

Amber glasses bring another colour to the table and co-ordinate with the candlesticks.
I love Amber glass! The little leather sheaths that they come in can be removed, but I like them here.

So here it is! My little bit of sunshine for a rainy day!!


  1. Jo, love the colours & the addition of the vegetables in the bowls. Lovely cheerful table. x

  2. After a whole evenings work and down loading 8 photographs and a whole heap of very funny text (even if I do say so myself) it only published 1 picture and a small bit of text.......not at all funny when I was tryin to link in to a blog party....UGHH!!

  3. I really enjoyed dissecting your tablescape...so many wonderful elements. The barrel is fantastic. I don't use a lot of orange, but you've inspired me to keep my eyes open for orange elements that would add a citrus punch to my tables. This is really lovely...I like it a lot! Thank you for sharing your spicy design and for stopping by my post. Cherry Kay