Saturday, December 11, 2010

Amber glass on cream/yellow linen

This table is another example of how one dinner set can be made into something so different. I think you will agree, if you go back to the last posting, that it looks completely different. I don't mean just because of the fabric which is obviously not the same, but the way that it creates a totally different ambiance on the table. I really like it, I think that it looks a little like a french country farmhouse. A style that I am particularly fond of. It has an element of sophistication while at the same time a casual feel.

Notice on this table that I have used the cups and saucers to great effect. Not for the usual after dinner coffee or tea session, but, in fact as the desert dishes. I love to use cups and saucers as desert bowls I think it's a bit quirky...I'm all about quirky. Just ask any of my family, they will be only to happy to confirm that happy little detail. Any object that can be used for something other than that for which it was intended then I'm gonna find it!

The napkins are simply held in shape by very smooth, plain rings in a matt yellow. Nothing fancy, just simple. No posh folding, after all this table is not a really formal table just a well laid out casual affair.
These runners are in fact two rectangle small cloths, but, I use them like this because, well, I just like it. I have to fold them into shape to make them work here. I am going to cut one of them up and make it into a proper runner. Then I will have more to play with, while still keeping one for a smaller table should the occasion occur. (It always does). I only found three napkins in the same fabric (the yellow check) so I use them to buffer the shortfall in place mats.

Notice the venetian bowl here, as I said in the last posting, it is very beautiful and has quite a bit of financial value. That's always a plus point when buying at op-shops and such a nice surprise to buy something just because you like it and then find that it is worth a lot more than you paid. You can see it so much better in this picture than the last one in the previous posting.
The centre element to the table is different too. I have used the papier mache veg and bunches of fruit. It's so very simple but attractive. I hope that you will agree!!

I think I mentioned in the last posting that I have also bought about 9 amber glass sundea dishes, they are lovely. I think I am going to try to lay them along the centre of the table with water and floating candles in them for a bit more of a relaxed feel for a more intimate dinner date.

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