Thursday, November 18, 2010

Royal blue Beauty

Today, I am just adding another quick blog, to show another table that I created just for us at dinner last night. As you would expect by now if you are a follower of my blog that I am such a complete hunter and hoarder that I had managed to purchase most of this stuff ages ago and decided to put it together for us. I really love this table! I think it is such a strong colour but feminine at the same time. It would however, still be right at home in a male environment.
Royal blue has long been a favourite colour of both me and my husband. Funnily enough we often decorate our bathrooms in royal blue but, then we seem to move. We never actually get the benefit of having it ourselves. Maybe that's why we just kept doing it. We even had a ceramic basin hand made for us with a tiny little yellow fish on it which had the scales made up from our initials. We haven't actually used it yet as we still seem so unsettled here in NZ and can't decide whether to put it into this house or not. Anyway I digress, (yes I know it's unusual for me) the table is another example of op-shop magic.
The components are, in brief, a sheet (new) as the table cloth, my own set of blue dinner ware, (for 10) an assortment of blue candles and holders etc (three at each end) and blue glasses. These are very easily available. Maybe its because they have been in fashion most recently or maybe it's because they are less desirable and people can't wait to get rid of them. Either way it suits my purpose very well. I use them at parties too. They always add a bit more interest than your usual clear glasses. I think the napkins are the best bit for me on this table as I wasn't looking for blue stuff on this particular day but I came across them and knew I just had to have them. They were brand new, unopened packs and came with 6 in each pack. I loved the pretty design on them and knew they would work very well with this table cloth. I was right. I didn't have any place mats in this colour so decided to use the napkins that I did have as place settings. By allowing them drape over the edge, it enables them to fit the table well and keep the correct balance. Not bad I think you will agree! The flowers were simply, a few taken out of my many silk stems and just placed together on the table. EASY PEASY!!
SO soft and pretty or strong and stylish? Personally I think it has all those qualities at the same time.

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  1. Yes its me again, I love this one, you are right, not normally a lover of blue, but this looks so soft & warm. Well done hon xxxx