Friday, August 20, 2010

Sunny yellow table

Well here it is, I have been trying so hard to find the time to get the next table on here. It's not that I dont have heaps of stuff to put on here, it's just that I am very fussy about the photographs and want them to look really good but, I am coming to the realisation that not many people look at this so it really doesnt matter all that much! The photo's never seem to do the tables justice anyway so what does it matter amongst friends?
In this picture you can see the three different vases or jugs that I have used as centre pieces. The jug on the right is a lemon, (not as in a dodgy, not cool, sort of thing) but is really striking. The jug at the other end is a lovely bright enamel kettle. The lucky buy that I made and have used on this table is the centre jug. It is accompanied by the 6 goblets. I bought them because I was getting into all things retro, and this is so obviously from the 1960's. When I got home and researched it a bit, I found out that it is very collectable in the states and is very rarely found as a complete set. So I was "well 'appy". It is called "a Hobnail, milk glass, pitcher and glass set". So as you can see all sorts of wonderful things can be bought from op-shops. If only I could part with anything I buy, I might be rich one day but no such luck. I am destined to be a collector. Which, In another reality just means horder. Do you think my kids will ever be grateful for all the valuable junk that their mother leaves them? HUM! I'm thinking not!!!
The table cloth is so bright and looks great, but sadly Here in New Zealand it is not such a good idea to use yellow for anything outdoors as it attracts sandflies like it is covered in favourite sandfly food.....namely me. So it is one for bringing the outside in, with out all the little perishers coming to join us!!
This table is one which I wanted to make because it was summer and I wanted to create a feel of complete casual dinning, but still reflect the happy feelings that summer usually wafts over me. This table is made up of an eclectic mix of many different patterns and colours and oddments, but I like the look. It is a very happy colourful table and does strike me as being a bit French, Mediteranean, Farmhouse and the happy chaos that usually seems to accompany the serious business of eating in France.

I think this one would work well as a lunch table don't you? Anyway I hope you like it!!


  1. Jo I love it, it is so summery & cheerful. I would love to eat at that xxx

  2. thank you, you are a lovely faithful reader! xx I love it too! definately not soophisticated but so bright and sunny!

  3. Don't see any comments over at mine x