Wednesday, November 25, 2009

I am working on another lovely table at the moment, in a gorgeous Plummy purple colour. I just have to do a bit of sewing, to complete the ensemble. My bloody sewing machine has decided to be a bit stroppy. Why is it when you have no money that everything goes wrong. I mean it's not just the sewing machine it's the Lawn mower, the Strimmer, the spa ($700 no less) and I just had to replace the iron. Bloody marvelous! Whats all that about, eh?
Ah well luckily I have my thrifty hobby to keep me happy, maybe I should just try and sell some of them.
I have got a lovely turquoise table virtually ready, but, just trying to get a few finishing touches together, so that I can get the photos done. keep watching. The yellow is nearly there too, and I am going to put a Christmas table on here real soon. Jo

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